Saturday, January 21, 2012

Busy Day

Today at work was the busiest day i've Ever worked at Maceys. It was so crazy and stressful. My manager didn't schedule any baggers today and so all of us cashiers had to bag our own groceries. I seriously have the biggest pet peeve of bagging my own groceries. Sometimes i don't mind it. Then after work i got to go to a Wedding reception of my good friend Amanda. Her Reception was @ the North Hampton House out in AF. It was a really good reception. Then my Friend Fritz gave me a ride home. He's super cute and friendly. I've been trying to get him to ask me out but he won't. I may ask him out but we'll see. I"m so glad tomorrow is Sunday, it's a day for me to relax and just chill out. I'm so glad it gives me a chance to partake of the Sacrament and to renew my covenants with my Savior. I love Sundays(Except for Fast Sundays). Now i'm bored and want something to do but no one wants to hang out.

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